AAA Visa Travel Money card

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Manage your prepaid card, check your balance at

Do you have AAA Prepaid Cards? is the web-site for AAA Prepaid Cards issued by MetaBank. On this internet site, it is possible to login, develop an account and handle the prepaid balance on your AAA Visa Travel Income card or your AAA Visa Gift Card. Please note that if you have a gift card, you must use them as they may expire.

Within the US, should you lost your card or have it stolen, you must call 1-866-674-9621 . In case you are traveling, you are able to call gather from anyplace 605-782-5309 to report a lost or stolen AAA Visa Funds Card.

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At, it is possible to create your profile, login and verify your balance. As soon as you login, you’ll be capable of check your full transaction history. Login currently at

How to add funds to my Visa TravelMoney Card?

You could possibly add funds to your card by returning to the location exactly where your card was purchased, on line ( or by telephone ( 1-866-674-9621 ) for participating clubs. Your Visa TravelMoney Card allows for unlimited reloads. On the web reloading is accessible for AAA members only.

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