Check the balance of you Visa or MasterCard gift card online

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Visa MasterCard Gift Card Balance Check is the web page where you handle your prepaid gift card Visa or MasterCard. You could have received a gift card from a friend or bought a MasterCard or Visa card for oneself and be asked to visit If you’re checking balance on a gift card, you will need to follow the instructions on the back on the card or other instructional sheet on the way to do it. Some cards will have you go to On the web site, you will need to very first register the gift card for use and you can then login and handle your gift card accounts. Start by entering the very first 6 digits from the gift card on the web site.

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Visa or MasterCard gift card are fantastic gifts for buddies and households. It’s also great for young folks who may possibly not be able to get a credit card, but must purchase points that calls for a credit or debit card. These cards also comes with all the comfort of getting accepted anywhere a debit or credit card is accepted. To handle your gift card, visit to

To check the balance of a gift card online

Access to the gift card on line service website
Comply with the instructions and enter your card number, card code, security code listed on the screen as necessary, then click “Log in” to start.
Coming up is a page that is going to provide you with facts you wish to examine. Comply with the directions and check the balance of your gift card.
For those who wish to determine information about a lot more gift cards, please visit to:

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